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Moon in Pisces

Long Way Home

Blue Lane

Kollektiv Kein Bachanal




Listen to the colour of your dreams

Music from the Beatles

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

How it started

Michael: "I was 8 when my long suffering parents bought me a plastic Beatles guitar for Christmas after I had whinged for weeks. It was pink and had the FAB FOUR'S faces and autographs on the front. I couldn't play it but I took it to bed with me for a few weeks."

Phil: "When I was 9, I visited my cousin Yvonne in Liverpool. That's when I first heard about them. In the Saturday Daily Mirror they were flanked in a centre spread by Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, and Freddy and the Dreamers. Whatever happened to them?"

Michael: "Later on I saw Magical Mystery Tour on the telly and would have killed for the wonderfully painted hippy guitar that George played on one track. I thought they all looked really cool and tried unsuccessfully to grow a beard."

Phil: "My Granny bought me Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for my 12th birthday (I asked her to) and thought it was a strange military band. 'Do they play marching tunes?' she asked. 'Well Granny, sort of', I said."

What they said about them

"These lads cultivate a vague allusion to being musicians, in a gurgling sort of way." - New York World Telegram, February 8, 1964

"Visually they are a nightmare: tight, dandified Edwardian beatnik suits and great pudding-bowls of hair." - Newsweek, February 24, 1964

You don't want to listen to this rubbish, do you? - Phil's dad

What they say about Repeat to Fade

"Two very nice young men!"

"I never heard Beatles songs played like that before!"

"Were they really all Beatles songs?"

"Well, I never knew the Beatles helped in the development of Computer Aided Tomography!"

"One of them does look a bit like Paul McCartney!"

"The other one looks like Richard Gere. He was in the Beatles, wasn't he?"

Camera & editing: Fredéric Krauke

Michael Garrett - Guitar, Vocals.....Phil Cooksey - Piano

Repeat to Fade Sampler

Sound Engineer: Randy Wollenberg